Canada's #1 Summer Job Opportunity

Our Average First Year Sales Rep makes $21,236 in a 3.5 Month Summer

Get Paid For Your Contributions

The vast majority of summer employment opportunities for students and young-adults offer compensation based on the amount of time you put in – not the amount of value you provide. What if you work harder, smarter and faster than your co-worker? What if you make larger contributions to the company? Odds are you will not be compensated for this…

Canada's Best Summer Job

Standard Pest Control is the highest rated and fastest growing residential pest service provider in Alberta. Every year we run our summer sales program where college and university students come to work with us for the summer selling pest control contracts. We go door-to-door throughout neighbourhoods in Calgary, Edmonton & surrounding areas educating homeowners on our innovative solutions to protect their homes and enjoy their yards. 

We take people with no previous sales experience and give them industry-leading training on how to sell $100,000+ worth of pest control products in 3.5 months. We offer high commission payouts, a great work environment, an industry-leading product, and amazing sales incentives throughout the summer – including an all expenses paid trip to Mexico for top performers!

This is a job that requires hard work, discipline, and drive. For students that come and take the time to learn the material and work hard for the summer, the skill development and financial compensation will be life changing!

Let Our Results Speak For Themselves

2021 First Year Summer Sales Reps

Average Earnings: $26,983

Highest Earnings: $64,877

What Our Reps Have to Say:

“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside the Standard Pest Co. team as a route manager in the summer of 2021. Immersing myself in Standard with little sales experience was extremely daunting, however from the support staff to the technicians to the sales team, my confidence and sales skills skyrocketed from the first day of work. One crucial aspect to my success is the connectivity between sales and service within the organization. A great number of summer sales programs sell for a third-party marketing team. While this approach teaches phenomenal interpersonal skills, it lacks to relate sales acquisition to the service knowledge that customers come to expect. Being able to communicate daily with technicians and participate in service procedural and quality meetings bridges the gap between sales skills and service quality. This is unmatched to any Canadian door-to-door program. Furthermore, Standard has allowed my earnings as an undergraduate university student to be both uncapped and unimaginable. In collaborating with an organization of which a number of team members have set Canadian industry records, personal growth potential of earnings and experiential skill never lack at Standard. While one motivating factor is certainly my earnings, I am also hugely motivated by the incentive program. In having the opportunity to take part in both individual and team competitions with thousands of dollars in prizes, the inclusive yet competitive work culture is unlike any employment I’ve experienced. All said, I highly recommend anyone looking for summer employment to apply for a position at Standard Pest Co.”

– Josh L., First Year Sales Rep 2021

Find Out If You Are a Good Fit

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This job is not for everyone. We do a pre-screening with all individuals where we discuss the job with you, explain how everything works, and make sure that we think you would be a good fit for our company. We look for people with strong work ethic, motivation, willingness to learn, and an ability to work in a team environment.