Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to ensure the utmost safety of our customers and staff, we operate under a 10,000% compliance policy (100% compliance with all of the regulations, 100% of the time). 


In Alberta, pesticide management regulations fall under the provincial Environmental Protection Enhancement Act (EPEA) in order to ensure pesticide application is conducted in a safe and effective manner that does not affect other people or the environment. Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) conducts routine inspections to ensure standards are upheld. 


All products used in pest management are regulated by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) through the Pest Control Products Act. 

On top of this, we have developed our own proprietary techniques that reduce pesticide use by up to 90% on residential properties, while still giving the same great results. To learn more, click here >

We use a wide range of products that all serve different purposes in order to deal with the extreme temperature ranges of Alberta, the variety of pests that we experience, as well as different client requirements. 

We use a combination of liquids, granules, powders, dusts, baits, traps, and more in order to be able to handle any situation that comes our way. To read about the specific products we use, click here >

We always say, it’s pest control, not pest magic. Fortunately for you, we stand behind all of our work with a best-in-class warranty that no other company can match. If you see pests after your treatment at any point, inside or out, you can call, text or email and we will come out within 5 business days and fix it for you at no charge. 


Most of the products we use take effect within minutes and we will see results before we leave the property. For tougher-to-treat pests, such as ants living up inside of your wall voids, we must use baits. These take up to 14 days to take effect. Our longest lasting products will keep protecting your home and preventing insect entry for up to 90 days!

As such, we ask that you wait 14 days after your service and if you still see any pest activity, let us know and we will be happy to come out and fix that for you! To read more about our warranty policy, click here >

This depends entirely on the specific pest(s) you are experiencing, as well as your goals as a homeowner. We offer a wide range of services in order to help you with any of these. 


For services such as wasp nest removals, wildlife removals, rodent exclusionary work and more, these are services we generally provide on a one-time basis. 

For the majority of pests we deal with, such as mice, ants, spiders, voles and more, we treat these on an ongoing basis, as there is no magic bullet to eliminate these forever. The longest lasting products on the market will only last 90 days, and after that it is only a matter of time before pests return. Our insect and rodent programs are designed specifically to keep these pests away from your home and property year round, and are, in our experience, the much less expensive option in the long run as they can prevent a variety of pests that cause substantial damages to your home and property. To learn more about our different programs, click here >

There are a number of reasons we believe every homeowner should have, at a very minimum, a basic insect and rodent program at their home. Most pests in Alberta are simply nuisance pests, such as wasps and spiders, where they are relatively harmless to your home and property. There are, however, a number of pests that we see cause substantial damage to homes and properties every year. The most common of these are mice, carpenter ants, pavement ants and voles. 


Mice are hazardous for a number of reasons. They spread hundreds of pathogens, can contaminate food and living spaces, their gnawing can cause substantial damage, and they tend to chew wires which can destroy appliances and cause fires. These are only a few of the costs that quickly pile up if you get mice inside of your home. 


Carpenter ants will go undetected inside of your home for years, and by time the average person realizes they have them, they have already caused structural damage to the home. They are often called the termites of the north, as they cause similar damage patterns over long periods of time. 


Voles will destroy lawns in the winter, as well as tunnel underneath foundations, walkways, driveways and patios, causing shifting and cracking that is expensive to repair. 


Lastly, pavement ants will bring sand up from underneath your interlock bricks, driveways, walkways and patios, which causes the surface to depress over time. This is an expensive repair, but a very easy problem to avoid if the right pesticides are applied at the correct time or year. 

These are just some of the reasons you need pest control at your home. To read a comprehensive list and description of each pest we recommend treating for, click here >

There are a number of differences between professional grade products which require a license to apply (the stuff we use), and the products anyone can purchase at the store or online. 


For rodenticides (products used for rodents, such as mice) the primary difference between over the counter (OTC) and professional products is an additive called Bitrex. OTC products are required to use Bitrex, while professional products are not. Bitrex is a bittering agent that is designed to prevent children and pets from accidentally consuming the product. It renders the bait unpalatable to children, reducing the amount they will eat. The issue with this is that it also reduces the amount that rodents will eat, and reduces the chances of subsequent feedings which is generally required in order to be effective. Professional products do not have this additive, as professional applicators know how to properly place bait in locked stations (RTUs) in order to prevent kids and pets from gaining access to the products. 


As for the insect sprays, the main difference between our products and OTC products is the half-life of the product. Our products will last much longer and provide ongoing protection to your home for up to 90 days, while OTC products will provide protection for less than a week. This means that you would need to reapply many times each month in order to prevent pest entry, which ends up costing substantially more than a professional pest control service. 


To learn more about the products we use, as well as which store bought products we do recommend, click here >

We operate under a 100% compliance mantra. That’s why you’ll never receive a service from a technician lacking a license. We ensure that all our technicians are certified Alberta Pest Control Applicators. Our team members all, at a minimum, hold their Structural Pest Applicator license, with a few technicians holding specialty qualifications. 

Here at Standard Pest Control, we are always thinking of ways to lessen our impact on the environment and reduce our waste. That is why we have made the decision to go 100% paperless billing and reporting. Upon completion of each service call, you will receive a detailed invoice. This document will include receipt of the amount you paid (or amount owing if payment failed or was not provided at the time of service), all products and methods used at your property, technician observations and technician recommendations. If there is ever a problem receiving this information electronically, please notify us of your preferred method of communication and we will strive to acommodate your needs.

We stand by 100% of our work 100% of the time. Customers who have purchased our residential home protection plans can rest easy knowing they are protected 365 days a year if any pest activity persists between their regular seasonal visits. Simply call us at the office: (587) 834-4970 and we will be happy to get you booked in for a FREE service call.

If you have received a specialty treatment, wildlife control, or short term pest control service plan, your specific warranty details will be outlined in your service agreement. If you are still within the window of your warranty, please call us anytime if you are noticing persistent pest activity after your last service call with us.

It is our top priority to keep you and your family safe while applying pesticides. Our technicians will always do so in the most efficient and safe methods at their disposal. However, accidents happen. Please follow the following procedure if you believe yourself, a member of your household or a pet has come into contact with pesticides applied at your property:

In case of accidental exposure to one of the products used at your home please contact Alberta Poison Control 1-800-332-1414 and then our office at 587-834-4970 .

The chemicals used are listed on your service invoice (this is emailed to you from, if you cannot locate it please check your spam inbox). This information will be vital to understanding the next steps required. Please provide this information to Alberta Poison Control, and your healthcare professional (in case of human exposure) or veterinarian professional (in case of animal exposure).

We always do our best to ensure that a safe application has been made but we understand that accidents can still happen.

As always, to avoid any inadvertent exposure to pesticides applied at your property, please keep people and pets off treated areas for a MINIMUM OF 1 HOUR after treatment has been applied and follow all safety guidelines outlined to you for all interior pesticide applications. Please also keep children and pets away from rodent bait stations. 

Thank you for your cooperation on this most serious matter.