Wasp Control

Macro shot of Queen Eastern Yellowjacket Wasp (Vespula maculifrons) isolated on white.

Wasps can not only be annoying to deal with, but also a painful nuisance when you get stung! Different species of wasps will create different kinds of nests, all of which may at some point choose your property as their next home. If wasps are buzzing around your yard, it is possible they have built a nest. Nests are often found on patios, in trees, bushes, or sometimes in small holes in the home as well. There is no way to completely prevent wasps from ever choosing your property as their home, but we are here to help eliminate any nests on the property as they are built. Our expert technicians specialize in removing any and all kinds of wasp nests, no matter how tricky they might be. Contact us today for help with wasp control!

Covered Pests: Wasps, Bald Faced Hornets, Yellowjacket wasps, Paper wasps. 

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