Vole Control

Western Meadow Vole

Of the 12 unique species of voles we have in Alberta, the meadow vole is the most common type of vole. Voles are a large nuisance to many homeowners in Alberta, as they will burrow underneath the snow in the winter time and destroy lawns, they will girdle (eat) the base of small trees, saplings and bushes, and they will dig their burrows underneath patios, driveways, and foundations, causing them to sink and crack over time. For these reasons, many homeowners want these creatures controlled in order to avoid large damage costs in the future.

Covered Pests: Western Meadow Vole


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Vole Control versus Vole Extermination

There are 2 main options when it comes to eliminating voles on your property. With over 50+ years of combined experience dealing with mice in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas, we are here to help make sure you find the right solution for your home.

Vole Control

Depending on where you live, controlling the vole population on your property will generally require some form of ongoing control program. Voles will travel from nearby ponds, forests, fields and other green space, meaning that even if you eliminate all of the voles on your property, more will just return. This doesn’t mean the issue can’t be solved, it just means that it will generally require ongoing maintenance. 

Vole Extermination

In rare situations it can be possible to eliminate voles for the long-term with a single treatment, however this is not often the case. Generally there will be nearby colonies that will continually send voles onto your property to establish nesting sites. We do not often recommend the extermination method when it comes to voles, as you are very likely to simply see the problem return in the near future.