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When you choose Standard Pest Control as your pest control provider, you say goodbye to pests for good. With affordable and effective plans to choose from, you can rest easy knowing we got you covered. So why choose us? Continue reading to find out…

100% Warranty Guaranteed

With the purchase of a 12 month recurring Home Protection Plan, you are covered under our 365-Day Warranty. So if the pests aren't gone after we treat, we come back FOR FREE until the issue is resolved.

All in Pricing

All-in-one upfront pricing - NO hidden charges. Here at Standard Pest Control, we believe in never having surprise charges or additional fees.

Year Round Coverage

Once you sign up with Standard Pest Control, you get to sit back and let us handle the rest. With regularly scheduled visits, you never have to call again to get a technician at your home.


Here at Standard Pest Control we handpick only the best qualified, expert, and friendly technicians for you.

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