Squirrel Control

Gray squirrel eating a nut standing on a branch

The main method of squirrel control our technicians employ is humane trapping and relocation. Squirrel trapping and relocation is a common method used to remove squirrels from residential properties. The process involves setting up a humane trap in an area where squirrels are active, baiting the trap with food, and waiting for the squirrel to enter the trap. Once caught, the squirrel can be relocated to a more suitable location away from the property, such as a wooded area or park. It’s important to note that relocating squirrels should only be done by a licensed wildlife removal professional to ensure that it is done safely and legally. Additionally, it’s important to address the underlying reasons why squirrels are attracted to the property, such as food sources or access points, to prevent future nesting.

Additionally, our technicians may approach squirrel control through various exclusion measures. Our team is equipped with the most up to date technologies to keep squirrels out of your home for good. This can include but is not limited to installing one way doors, meshing, and sealing off entry points once relocation has been completed.

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