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Alberta is home to over 580 different species of spiders, which can make proper identification and control challenging. Spiders play an important role in our ecosystems, however they can become a nuisance in your home if they are not controlled correctly. According to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation, your backyard can typically be home to up to 20 different types of spiders at any given time! The simplest way to prevent spiders from calling your house their home is to have a regular insect control program in place to ensure that spiders are controlled throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

Most common spiders in Alberta: Common house spiders, Orb weavers,  Garden spiders, Jewel spiders.

Spider treatments we offer: de-webbing exterior of home, soffit and eave treatment, exterior perimeter spray. 

Conditions that lead to spider activity: living near fields, bodies of water, near dense forests, near golf courses. Moist and damp areas inside homes. 

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