Other Common Bugs


Silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, and sowbugs are just a few of the many other bugs that can be found in homes. While they may not pose a direct threat to humans, they can cause damage to property and can be a nuisance. Silverfish are known to feed on books, paper, and other cellulose-based materials, while centipedes and millipedes can secrete a foul-smelling liquid when threatened. Sowbugs are also known to damage plants and can enter homes in search of moisture. In addition, these pests can attract other pests like spiders and rodents. Pest control measures can help to prevent infestations and control existing populations, which can help to protect property and improve the overall quality of life in the home.

Covered Pests: Sowbugs, Centipedes, Silverfish, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, Weevils, and more! If you have another type of bug that is not listed here, feel free to call us to check if we cover it!

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